Accident At Work

As one of the largest personal injury teams in the UK, with specialists in workplace accidents and illnesses, you can rely on us to help you claim compensation and ensure that you receive the medical support that you need.

If you have suffered a workplace accident, you could qualify to make a compensation claim from your employer if their ‘fault’ or liability can be established by your lawyer.

Physical injuries as well as ‘occupational diseases’ like asbestosis all the way through to the likes of repetitive strain injury and work-based stress can all equally form the basis of a compensatory award as part of a personal injury claim.

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Below is a list of some qualifying accidents at work in different work places:

Slips and trips :
Loose cables, carpet edges or leaking pipes etc

Lifting injuries :

Incorrect lifting technique, trying to lift too much, generally moving heavy objects around.

Falls :
Poorly maintained/assembled ladders, scaffolding, railings or ropes etc

Crushing :
Unsafe use or poor condition of heavy machinery like tractors or excavators, incorrectly stacked goods etc.
Repetitive Strain Injury : Excessive typing / keyboard use.

Stress :
Excessive workload, bullying, lack of support from employer, poor workplace environment, disability.

Asbestos related disease :
Exposure of lungs to asbestos
Or If you have suffered as a result of someone else’s actions at work and you are ready to make a personal injury claim then it is absolutely essential that you get the right team on board to support you, call 01753 525 970.