No Win No Fee

What is no win-no fee?

Under a ‘No win-no fee’ agreement you will receive most of your compensation if you win your personal injury case. Most of your legal costs will be recovered from the opposition.

If your claim is unsuccessful then under a ‘No Win-No Fee’ agreement (known as a Conditional Fee Agreement) you will not have to pay your solicitor’s costs. You will still be responsible for the expenses of the claim (known as disbursements) and, in some situations, you will have to pay the legal costs of the other side. This risk can be minimised by obtaining After the Event Insurance which we will do on your behalf. This insures against the risk of losing your personal injury case so, if you do not win your case, you will not have to pay our costs or those of the other party.

When can I claim compensation?

You can claim compensation if you can prove that someone else is to be blamed for your accident. Most claims must be brought within three years of the accident. If the accident was more than three years ago, you may be too late.